Service Details

Sony/Xperia Server #3 - Worldwide (All Level Codes)

Delivery Time : 1-7 Days
Price : -
Details :
  • NCK/SPCK/NSCK/CCK Code Service
  • No Refund for 0 Counter
  • For verified IMEI, Video proof required (must include imei & code)


Please make sure your phone is not hard locked! Refund will not be provided on hard locked devices. You can check lock counter as follows:

Press *#*#7378423#*#* and access the service menu, You will see a menu like the one below

Network [x]10
Network Subset 0
Service Provider 0
Corporate 0
Sim 0

There should be an "X" before Network and the counter should show above 0 (zero). If your counter doesn't show an "X" or shows 0 (zero) this means your phone is hard locked and it can't be unlocked by a code. In that case DO NOT purchase the service.